Licenses and Applications

As the regulator for the maritime industry, PMA oversees licensing and registration for ships, port and private jetty users and operators. In addition, access to the facilities under the PMA’s supervision is also strictly controlled.

Form Name Form Description
Navigation Permit Form An application form for operating as a foreign vessels in Bahraini waters.
Navigation Permit Guideline A guild line that provides information on how to apply for a navigation permit and the support documents required to obtain the permit.
Ship Pre Arrival Notification An application form for pre arrival notification of ships

Ship pre arrival notifications need to be submitted to the Control Tower at least 24hrs before the arrival of the vessel to the Kingdom of Bahrain. For more information, please contact us on / Tel: +973 17162010 


Form Name Form Description
Private Port and Jetty Operating License An application form for obtaining a license to operate a private port or jetty.

Filled forms can be submitted with any other required documentation to the following email:



Form Name Form Description
PMA Permanent Pass and pass renewal Application for a PMA pass and for renewal of existing pass to permit entry into PMA Facilities.
Government Staff Pass Application form for Government Staff passes to permit entry into PMA Facilities.
PMA Pass for Facilities Contractor/Tenant Basis Application form for a contractor/tenant pass to permit contractors/tenants entry into PMA facilities.
Reissue of lost PMA Pass Application Form An application to apply for the replacement of a lost pass.
PMA Pass Conditions Provides information on the terms, conditions, and requirements to obtain a pass into PMA facilities.
Permit to Work The PMA Work Permit is a safe system for work being performed at Sites controlled by the Ports & Maritime Authority (PMA) to ensure a high standard of protection for people, environment and property.

Filled forms can be submitted with any other required documentation to the following email:


Type of Certificate The Requested Documents

Registration Certificate

Dully filled application Form (FORM 1)

Official Letter Requesting Registration

Builder Certificate

Copy of Commercial Registration (if registering for the first time)

Deletion Certificate (from the previous flag; if any)

Class Certificates including International Tonnage Certificate from approved Class Society (Approved Class Societies)

Copy of Previous Registration Certificate

Bill of Sale

Builder Certificate (in case of new ship)

Navigation License

Class Certificate / General Condition Survey

Ship Station License (if applicable)

LRIT Conformance Test Report (if 300 GT & above; and International Voyages)

P&I Insurance (or any other third party cover)

Custom Declaration (if the ship is in Bahrain)

Minimum Safe Manning

Application Form (FORM 2)


Application Form (FORM 3)


(Continuous Synopsis Record)

Application Form (FORM 4)

The closing CSR from previous flag

Copy of DOC "Document of Compliance"

Deletion Certificate

Official Letter (with the reasons of deletion)

Bill of Sale (in case of sale)

Original Registration Certificate

Release of Mortgage from Bank (if the ship is mortgaged)


Official Letter

Mortgage Agreement


Application Form (FORM 5)

Appropriate Certificates (COC / GMDSS)


Medical Fitness Report

Copy of Seafarer's Passport

Basic Safety Training Certificates

Boat Master

Letter of experience

Basic Safety Training


Seamen Record Book

Letter from the shipping company

Application Form (click here)

Appropriate Certificates


Medical Fitness Report

Filled forms can be submitted with any other required documentation to the following email:, Tel: +973 17337911 / 17337943

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