Ministry of Transportation Launches New Identity

The Ministry of Transportation, as part of its new strategic direction, has launched its new corporate identity with the introduction of a new design.

19 December 2012

The Ministry of Transportation, as part of its new strategic direction, has launched its new corporate identity with the introduction of a new design. This re-branding initiative is in keeping with the new mandate approved recently which merged transportation activities in the Kingdom under one umbrella to facilitate the streamlining of this vital sector which will bolster the Kingdom’s transportation sector and fulfil Bahrain's long-term economic needs.

This strategic initiative is in accordance with the Ministry's Strategic Plan 2013-2016, which aims to develop and organize civil aviation, ports and maritime, land transport, and postal service sectors to create more efficient and integrated systems to facilitate the movement of people, goods, and information. The Ministry prepared an action programme to realise these objectives based on clear and carefully thought-out criteria that included the development of a new brand reflecting the Ministry's new direction.

The new brand was developed through a multi-month consultative process with senior Ministry officials across each of the divisions of civil aviation, ports and maritime, land transport and post. The new brand was designed to reflect the various aspects of Bahrain moving forward and the significant progress it is making in the area of transportation. The brand embodies the objectives of the Ministry by showing that concerted efforts are being made to achieve a unified goal, which is to enhance the Kingdom’s transport sector. The new identity is currently being rolled out in stages across the Ministry's Directorates, and will include building and facility signage, digital media and print.

The Ministry of Transportation in Bahrain is the government body responsible for developing transportation infrastructure and systems to enhance productivity and improve the quality of land, sea, and air transport and postal services based on Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030. As part of its mission of developing and building the capacities of air, land, and maritime transport and postal services to support a competitive economy and improve quality of life, the Ministry of Transportation creates the necessary diversity to encourage economic growth, which is one of the elements of the integrated development in the Kingdom.


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