The Meteorological Directorate, Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication had reported in their monthly weather summary

6th March 2016

That February 2016 was warmer than normal in temperatures with below average in relative humidities, precipitation and wind speed 

The mean temperature of the month was 18.9°C. This is 1.0°C above the long-term normal for February. The mean maximum temperature of the month was 22.2°C. 

The highest temperature recorded in the month was 28.1°C set on the 22nd February due to warm southeasterly winds which dominated during that day. 

The mean minimum temperature of the month was 16.2°C. . The lowest temperature recorded was 12.4°C set on the 1st February at Bahrain International Airport. But recorded 8.4°C at the same night in Durrat Al Bahrain.

During the month Bahrain had 10 days with minimum temperature below 15°C.

The mean relative humidity for February was 66%. The mean maximum relative humidity for the month was 82% and the mean minimum relative humidity for February was 46%. 

February 2016 was the sunniest month for all February’s since the sunshine records began in 1968. The total hour of sunshine was 287.1 hours. The old record was 263.8 hours which was recorded in February 1977.

On the 28th February, An upper trough moved from the red Sea towards the Arabian Gulf produced heavy thundery showers accumulating 2.8 mm and gusty winds reached 40 knots at Bahrain International Airport, but it reached 48 knots in King Fahad Causeway. 

Trace amount were recorded on the 24th and 27th February. The long-term average precipitation for February is 16.2 mm. The highest record for precipitation in February was 106.8 mm which occurred in February 1988. 

The total precipitation for February in Sitra Island was 10.0 mm, in Durrat Al-Bahrain was 2.6 mm and in King Fahad Causeway was 2.6 mm.

Fog reported on 18th February, visibility dropped to 300 meters or less from 02:00 am to 07:30 am local time. The lowest visibility was 100 meters from 04:30 am to 05:30 am local time at Bahrain International Airport.

Civil Aviation

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  • 30,316Container Throughput, Apr 2023
  • 61Total Vessels, Apr 2023
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  • 83Percent of households passed by fiber-optic broadband network (2022)
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